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8 Best Workout Apps Free for Women

If you want to get fit turn on to the best workout apps free

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Workout now a day very important for everyone and Home workout apps are a great way to get moving when you’re unable to get to a gym.

It is very difficult to know which application is best for you because play store or app stores are packed with various applications. In this condition, it’s very difficult to choose a particular application that fulfills your basic needs for a routine workout. Some of these applications are made by qualified professionals with a real understanding of what makes a workout safe and effective.

Here we mention some good and useful application for you. These workout apps provide good and clear instruction by video and audio and give different workout ideas so you never get bored and got inspiration. You can also create your own plans and monitor your progress.

Fitify: Workout Routines & Training Plans

Who needs a gym? Get the desired shape at home with Workouts & Plans from the Fitify app. Fitify is the most popular workout app (According to me), you can work out using only bodyweight training without any equipment. However, Fitify app is providing Workouts and Plans with fit tools, such as:
• Kettlebell
• Bosu
• Swiss Ball
• Medicine Ball
• Resistance Band
• Dumbbell
• Barbell
• Foam Roller
• Pull-Up Bar

With over 850 exercises in the work of the app, your daily workout routines are always fresh, fun & effective! Work out anywhere, anytime using any fit tool.

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PEAR Personal Fitness Coach (Android, iOS: Free)

Whether you want to shed those extra pounds, dominate your very first marathon, or you just want to stay in shape, In this app, you get real-time personal training with your PEAR Personal Fitness Coach! Its basically free but if you want some more smart digital coaching solution, then you can purchase pro there you can find-

  • Next-level digital training
  • Remote Training
  • Personalized Audio Coaching
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Workout Trainer (Android, iOS: Free)

Skimble’s Workout Trainer app offers exercises and training routines for beginners and gym experts alike. Simple startup questions measure your physical fitness and generate recommended exercise and plans for workout and set your goal. Some key feature are given below

  • Move-By-Move workouts– You can play at Home or Gym
  • Performance analysis
  • Training Recommendations
  • Custom Training Programs
  • Certified Personal trainers
  • Rep or Time based Exercise
  • Compare sessions
Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club (Android, iOS: Free)

Nike training club takes the free and premium app approach, they offer a vast workout library with an exercise aimed at different fitness objectives from 15 to 45 minutes and varying intensities. Workout collection lets you focus your fitness with workout available for with or without pieces of equipment.

Based on your choice various recommendations suggested by the app which is very promising for you to achieve good fitness.

A paid plan provides guided 4-6 week programs, nutrition diet and wellness guidance, and new workout formats that give you a chance to enhance yourself.

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FitOn Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized Plans (Android, iOS: Free)

With fiton free fitness workouts, lose weight with free home exercise videos and fitness plans. Never pay again for a workout, you can achieve your workout goal with fiton workout videos. With fiton-

  • Reduce stress with a calming yoga practice,
  • increase your fitness with a fun cardio workout,
  • and feel good with hundreds of other free workout videos.
  • Quick & Effective Workouts From Celebrity Trainers You Can Do Anywhere
  • No equipment required
  • Workout with celebrity trainers
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 JEFIT (Android, iOS: Free)

This app basically work in three process-

  • Create personalized workout programs
  • Train & Track
  • Analyze and Improve

In Jefit there are approx 1300 training exercises available in Hd videos. In these videos, you can find full instruction for your daily exercise. Track your workout and rest time, which is very impressive.

Best Workout Apps free

Freeletics (Android, iOS: Free)

Freeletics is basically training and shop for workout essentials things. You can purchase various workout-related nutrition, gear, etc. This is the Europe best fitness app with the best digital personal trainer.

Whatever your desired goal you can achieve with this app with various training exercises and healthy habits with audio coaching.

Explore once from yourself it is best for you.


Sworkit (Android, iOS: Free) 

Sworkit has a tagline for who wants to improve thier fitness with this app- ‘Fitness Made Simple’

Whether your goal is-

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Increased Endurance
  • Weight Maintenance
  • Or to Simply Tone

Key Features-

  • Variety: More than 400 unique workouts and over 800 exercises
  • Personalized: You choose the time you have to work out
  • Easy: Recommended workout plans based on your goals
  • Customizable: Create and save your own custom workouts
  • Support: Certified trainers to answer your fitness and nutrition questions

I hope this article will help you find your fitness app.

Stay Fit Stay Healthy

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