11 June 2020

Top 5 Best budget gaming headset 2020

Best budget gaming headset for PS4

If you are willing to play games at your home then you will need one of the Best budget gaming headset to get fully immersed and stay competitive. A great headset is essential for chatting with teammates in Fortnite, Destiny 2, or Pubg PC as well as hearing the finer details of games like Doom Eternal and Control, and you no longer have to pay a fortune to get one that’s worthwhile.

Now several Best budget gaming headset premium companies such as SteelSeries, Astro, Razer, Hyperx, etc have gotten into some cheap headset for gaming purposes.

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 is our pick for the best cheap gaming headset overall, delivering a sleek and comfortable design that features the same great audio drivers you’ll find in SteelSeries’ more premium headsets.

We’ve also long been fans of the HyperX Cloud Stinger, which has a supremely comfortable and durable design that belies its affordable $50 price tag.

Best budget gaming headset

1- SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wired Gaming Headset


  • The Arctis 1 is an all-platform gaming headset that doubles as your on-the-go headphones. With a detachable microphone and sleek low-profile design, enjoy the award-winning performance of Arctis no matter where you are.
  • Arctis 1 is a versatile headset and works with everything from PC to PS4 and Xbox. Take your headset on the go on Switch and mobile.
  • With the same high-quality speaker drivers as the award-winning Arctis 7, the Arctis 1 features the signature Arctis soundscape, emphasizing subtle yet critical sounds to give you an audio advantage
  • The Discord-certified ClearCast microphone uses a bidirectional design, the same used by aircraft carrier deck crews. It provides superior noise cancellation so your voice sounds clear and natural. It’s also detachable for on the go.
  • On-Headset Controls– Quickly mute and unmute the microphone on the fly, and easily adjust your volume level directly on the headset.
  • Steel-Reinforced Headband– Built to last with a steel-reinforced headband that easily adjusts to fit all head sizes while remaining lightweight and durable.


  • Imperfect fit- As we all know headset is all about comfort and compatibility with you.
  • Subpar mic quality- Mic Quality is below an average
  • Price- The price is also too high but if you want quality then I will recommend this headset.

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 delivers nearly everything that’s great about the rest of SteelSeries’ excellent Arctis line at just ₹ 8,499(At Amazon). This headset packs a simplified version of SteelSeries’ signature sleek headset design, soft fabric ear cups, and the same rich drivers you’ll find in higher-end Arctis models. We found the Arctis 1 dependable for just about every game genre, and it held up especially well when playing online competitive shooters like Overwatch.

And with its removable mic and handy 3.5 mm connection, it makes the perfect gaming companion whether you’re on the road with your Switch or at home with your PC. While it doesn’t offer the same world-class, auto-adjusting comfort as its pricier siblings and could have a better mic, the Arctis 1 offers some of the best performance you can find at this price range.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset

2- ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset

ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment for professional gamers, core enthusiasts, and their lifestyles. ASTRO lives at the epicenter of technology, lifestyle, and style with a history of innovation specifically within the video gaming arena.


  • 5GHZ WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY– It provides robust, low-latency performance by operating at a higher frequency. This keeps you in perfect sync with your gameplay and eliminates interference from other wireless devices. No chat cable required on any console.
  • DOLBY HEADPHONE 7.1 SURROUND– Whether it’s stereo or multi-channel surround sound, the A50 delivers accurate audio no matter the source. Spatial placement and directivity are crucial in competitive play and the A50 was engineered with this in mind. The end result is a lifelike, cinematic gaming experience that gives you the ability to pinpoint various objects and sounds in a three-dimensional space.
  • ASTRO BASE STATION–  The A50 headset automatically pairs with the ASTRO Base Station for frustration-free connectivity, while magnetic charging allows for effortless docking when the headset is not in use. The Base Station’s front display indicates battery life and charging status to ensure you never get stuck with a dead headset.
  • PC COMPATIBILITY AND SUPPORT– The A50 offers multi-platform compatibility, making it simple to switch between console and PC/Mac modes. PC’s gamers can access the ASTRO Command Center software via USB and adjust various audio settings and levels accordingly.
  • ASTRO COMMAND CENTER SOFTWARE The innovative ASTRO Command Center software offers enhanced flexibility and control beyond default mix settings. The A50 has three new EQ presets (ASTRO, Pro, and Studio), which can also be accessed via the headset for fast and easy selection.
  • PRECISION MICROPHONE WITH FLIP– The flexible, durable microphone offered on the A50 provides clear, low noise communication and is optimized for PlayStation 4 and PC/Mac. And with the ASTRO Command Center software, gamers can fully adjust microphone levels and other settings depending on their environment and preferences.
    • COMFORT & DURABILITY– The A50 features lightweight, yet rugged construction with premium materials for a pressure-free fit that won’t overheat your head.


  • High Price
  • A little snug- Warmly comfortable or cozy
HyperX Cloud Stinger 1 1

3- HyperX Cloud Stinger

The HyperX Cloud Stinger family of the Best budget gaming headset is understood for featuring high-quality audio, lightweight design, and is durably built. It’s an incredible headset for the various players starting out on their adventures.

Whether you play on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, there’s a headset within the Stinger family that’s designed for you and optimized for the way you play.


  • Lightweight comfort– HyperX Cloud Stinger won’t weigh you down, making it ideal for prolonged gaming sessions.
  • Immersive in-game audio– Enhanced bass reproduction with crisp high, clear mids and rich lows keep you immersed in your gaming.
  • Adjustable steel sliders- Built to be reliable with sturdy steel sliders that adjust to provide a comfortable fit.
  • Swivel-to-mute noise-canceling mic- Conveniently mute the microphone by flipping it up and out of the way. The built-in passive noise-cancellation reduces background noise for clearer voice quality.
  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound via HyperX INGENUITY


  • Unfortunately, the audio was really blown out at higher ranges, and a bit painful at times to experience, which may be the fault of the onboard volume controls pushing things out too far at max volume. Still, if comfort is your main priority, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is among the best cheap gaming headsets you can buy.
Razer Kraken X

4- Razer Kraken X


  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Ultra-light at 250g
  • Bendable Cardioid Microphone
  • Custom-Tuned 40 mm Drivers
  • On-headset Controls
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility


  • Obnoxious mic
  • Subpar music performance
  • Surround sound not too different from the stereo

The Razer Kraken X is a very solid $50 headset, packing good sound into one of the best-looking designs that Razer’s produced yet. A far cry from the bulky chassis of previous Razer headsets, the Kraken X is sleek, subtle, and lightweight, with leatherette ear cups that are a joy to wear for hours on end. 

Roccat Renga Boost

5- Roccat Renga Boost

The renga boost maybe a studio-grade Stereo headset for gamers who demand more from their over-ear headphones. With multi-platform support (PC and consoles) and 50 mm driver units for deep bass, renga is ideal for gaming, music, movies, and more. Its ergonomic headband and ear cushions Comfort for Undivided in-game focus. Earcup ventilation and plush cushions combine to supply an interesting level of comfort, Suitable for countless hours of continued use. Multi-platform support for PC gaming, play-station 4, and x-box also as mobile phones and tablets mean you’ll use renga anywhere your gaming takes you.


  • Studio-grade stereo sound – high-quality Audio with deep bass
  • Superior comfort – low weight, Ergonomic over-ear design
  • Multi-platform support – compatibility for PC/PS4/mobile

The Roccat Renga Boost stands out from the sub-$60 crowds by offering a faux-leather self-adjusting headband that, combined with its cushy foam earcups, provides an immediately comfortable fit that stays cozy for hours.

The Boost also offers solid sound quality for the price, delivering crisp treble and impressive clarity, even if it is a bit lacking on bass. We found it especially impressive for multiplayer games like Destiny 2 and Starcraft: Remastered, but it also held up well for more cinematic titles. With dual 3.5mm audio jacks, the Renga Boost plays equally nice with consoles and PCs. 

In order to determine what the best Budget gaming headsets are, we use every model we review with a variety of games and genres.

We also test all gaming headsets with a variety of music to see how well they double as everyday headphones. Additionally, we evaluate the quality of each headset’s microphone via sound recordings and real-world play sessions. 

How we test the best gaming headsets

To find the best budget gaming headset, we use every good quality headsets and review with the various games and games. We generally test headsets with shooters to get a sense of directional sound for competitive games, as well as RPGs and action/adventure titles to evaluate more immersive, cinematic audio.

We also test various music tracks with high volume and check how well they double as everyday headphones and check the microphone via sound recording and real-world play sessions.

How to choose the best budget gaming headset for you

There are a handful of key factors to consider when looking for the best budget gaming headset for your playstyle, Here are some things to know before you buy.

  • Compatibility
  • Don’t expect wireless at this cost
  • Consider your comfort

I hope you may find the best budget gaming headset from the shortlisted headsets above. We cover every aspect to find the best budget gaming headset for gaming purposes or music listening, etc. If you like any of this headset and going to purchase in the future please comment and share it with your friends. If you have any suggestions for us please let us know, we will try to implement your suggestions in our future articles.

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